2016 off and running

2015 is now just another page in the book. A lot happened last year, and I'm hoping 2016 will be even better. I got sidetracked from trying to get a band together because I fell into some work as an extra in a few movies and three TV series. I ended up having a recurring role in a new series on NBC called Game Of Silence which premieres this coming April on the 7th. Hopefully, I will get to work on that show again in season two when they start back filming. I met a lot of great folks on that set, and they are really fun to work with. So look for me on the little screen this Spring in a few shows. I was also in three movies since this past September. I appeared a couple of different times in one coming out in Nov. of 2016 called "Bastards" with Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glenn Close and a lot of other folks. It was hoot getting to work with and meet Owen Wilson. I also got to meet one of my all time favorites, Clint Eastwood, when I played an airline representative in the new Warner Bros movie "Sully", which does not have a release date yet. It should be a great movie directed by Clint, and starring Tom Hanks. It was really an honor to work a couple of days with Hanks, Eastwood, and co-star Aaron Eckhart. I also did a few scenes with Chris Evans, who played Captain America, in a new movie called Gifted. So check them out, and you will see my smiling face, if it didn't get left on the cutting room floor! You never know what 2016 has in store for us all, but whatever it is, I hope everyone has a great year!!!

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