Things are moving right along around here. It is now June and I had a good time last week playing with the duo Stranded at Charlie Horse in Ocala. It was a lot of fun and went pretty good. Last Friday I went to Mojo's in Belleview and sat in for a couple of songs with them. Tomorrow when I play at Eaton's Beach, the lead guitar player/singer from Stranded, Mike Smithson, will be playing with me to keep the experiment going. If things keep going forward with this adventure I will be joining Mike for weekend gigs at several Mojo's venues and a few other places substituting as the other half of Stranded starting in July. The actual other member, Rick Whitt, will remain as the other half of Stranded for the rest of their gigs. I also have a couple of other interesting possibilities that have popped up. I have been invited up to Gainesville to investigate the possibility of putting something together with a local guitar teacher who plays lead and sings backup. He is very good and I will most likely be going up there sometime in the next few weeks to see what that amounts to. I have to get past a few other pressing issues before trying that and there is also a very talented bass/guitar player/singer who lives just a few blocks from me who is interested in jamming to see what else might be possible. I am going to go jam with therm all for the fun of it and see what happens. It should be and interesting summer. 

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