Turn, turn, turn.....

There is a season....... Well, just when I start to get stale doing something and begin to wonder which way to turn next, something comes along to capture my interest. I have been playing a lot at Eaton's Beach ever since they opened almost eight months ago. I have now been delegated to every other Tuesday night which leaves my weekends wide open. So I have been wondering what to do with them. I have lived here in Ocala for about three years, even though I spent most of two years in Atlanta and Mexico up until this past August. That was when I started trying to get back into playing regular. I did not then, and really still don't know many musicians around this area other than those I have met through The Orange Blossom Opry. I have been trying to get out and go to more jams and meet some local pickers lately, and I have even been thinking about getting in a band or a duo, or something different than what I have been doing. It seems an opportunity to do just that has presented itself to me, and I will be investigating that possibility tonight when I go to Charlie Horse here in Ocala to sit in with some guys I have gotten to know recently who seem to be into the same kind of music I play. So we will see what the future may hold..... stay tuned..... to be continued....... ;)

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