Goodbye to 2014

Hello to anyone out there who happens to see this. 2014 is rapidly coming to an end and I just played my last solo job of the year yesterday for a private party in The Villages. I had a great time and met some very nice folks. That is always one of the best rewards from playing music for the public. I have always enjoyed it for many reasons, and I will continue to as long as anyone wants to hear what I have to offer. However, my plans for 2015 do not include looking for places to do my solo act all the time. I still have eight Christmas shows to do before the end of the year at The Orange Blossom Opry. I plan to continue performing there on Thursdays when I can, and when I am the featured act on weekends. Those will be less frequent than they have been for 2014 though. I plan to take a lot of time off to enjoy life, jam with old friends, write more, record more, travel some, and I am even planning on several big changes in my life. More specifics on that as they develop, but I will probably leave Ocala in the process. My family all moved away this past summer, and I am getting the urge to move on to greener pastures myself. I am really looking forward to playing when and where I want to, and to writing with some old and new friends. As the old saying goes, when the curtain falls, time passes, and everything changes.........See you around the next bend in the road.... 

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