Pretty day on the lake

Well I am all set up to play at Eaton's Beach and I am just chilling and enjoying a really pretty day here. I don't know how many more gigs I will have here but I am going to enjoy myself while it  lasts. Nothing in this word is permanent anyway. I am going to deviate some from my usual Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown, Bob Marley and the usual beachy tunes and play some blues, Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers, and maybe even some old Amazing Rhythm Aces. Pure Prarie League and I may even throw in some Stones, Traffic, Skynard, and even some old Danny O'Keefe just for giggles... I am going to bring my midi synth next time and do some for real blues jamming.... It's a good thing I don't drink or do drugs because I would be ready to play some stoned out blues today. :)

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